Chapter One


Spiritual Theory Of The Universal

Multidimensional Zone Of Displacement


August 5-7, 1982



Digest of “Four Concepts Of The Spiritual Structure Of Creation”, pg. 1 - 27, chap. 1


“The following concepts and ideas were revealed to me by the Most High. They transcend anything previously revealed in this respect.


What follows can be properly understood only if one is familiar with the content of "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and "Messages From Within" (published in 1982 by Spiritual Advisory Press).


It is time to reveal and describe briefly the Universal Multidimensional Zone of Displacement and its spiritual theory, origination and function.


As pointed out in the above-mentioned books there is only one reality in being and existence - spiritual reality - which gives a sense of reality to everything else. Spiritual reality can be conceptualized as follows: The Most High, Who is the only Reality, through the Absolute Principles of His/ Her Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, from and by Himself/ Herself, continuously originates, creates, maintains and develops everything in being and existence, as well as being and existence themselves. This indisputable axiom and its acceptance by all in Creation constitutes the principle of everyone's placement within the Most High's Creation. The degree, scope, extent and quality of the awareness, acceptance and application of this fact in one's life, and in the life of any society, nation, planet, solar system, galaxy or universe determines their proper placement in the hierarchy of spiritual organization of the Most High's Creation. Such proper placement, in turn, determines the degree, scope, extent and quality of activation and manifestation of their Inner Minds, and subsequent quality, manifestation and function of their interior and exterior minds. (Note: it is proper to conceptualize the existence of the Inner Mind, and also the interior and exterior minds, not only within an individual, but also within a society, nation, sentient entities as a whole of a planet, a solar system, a galaxy or a universe in all their respective dimensions, levels, steps, degrees, times and para-times.)


Thus, this vitally important spiritual rule of the Most High's Creation determines everyone's precise place, position, condition, state and process in Creation.


The simple, basic and essential spiritual principle is the kind of stance, attitude and position one decides to have toward the Creator, His/ Her Nature and toward all spiritual principles derived from the Most High. The key word is "decides". This word implies one's freedom of choice to accept and to incorporate this principle and its consequences and outcomes in one's life, or to deny, reject, distort or pervert its validity and its nature and existence.


The acceptance and application of this principle (1) gives one a position and a placement within the Most High's Creation - the quality, degree, scope and extent of its acceptance and application determine in what dimension, universe, galaxy, solar system, planet, time or para-time one is manifested or incarnated; (2) creates a period in which such a specific and unique quality and quantity of manifestation exhausts its usefulness and purpose and one is ready to move on to a transcending specific and unique degree, and (3) determines the extent and apperception of this spiritual principle which brings about a new incarnation and manifestation of that one in a different state, condition, place, process, dimension, etc., of Creation. This process goes on to eternity, constituting the principle of spiritual progression of all in the Lord's Creation.


However, what happens if someone, a group of people, or some society on a planet as a whole decides by its free choice to deny, reject, distort or pervert this basic and vital spiritual principle? Such an act initiates an opposition to everything that is within the Most High's Creation and all its spiritual principles.


At the very moment that such a decision is made, by the very act of such a decision, a drastic spiritual shift occurs for those who make such a decision. This drastic shift causes an instantaneous displacement or dislocation from Creation for all such people, which leads to the appearance of a new Universal Multidimensional Zone which is outside of Creation or displaced from the rest of Creation.


The process of this displacement has far reaching consequences and implications for not only those who participated in this act but for all Creation also.


Another basic and vital spiritual principle is that every individual is a replica of the entire Creation relative to the Most High, and everyone contains within oneself an Inner Mind, interior mind and exterior mind. Therefore, when this displacement occurs, proceeds and becomes, it occurs, proceeds and becomes at all levels of the Mind. Because the universe and its spiritual, interior or mental and external and physical dimensions and their respective environments are the result of the Mind's ideas and concepts, the Zone of Displacement appears in all worlds simultaneously and synchronously. Hence the multidimensionality of this Zone.


Because everything in this Zone of Displacement opposes spiritual principles of Creation, everything without any exception in this Zone is upside down. Therefore, in the moment of displacement the Inner Minds of all displaced people and their respective Zones are closed and put in a state of dormancy and deactivation, and only an infinitesimally small part of it remains open only for the purpose of maintenance of a minimal life support system in the Zone of Displacement. However, by the pseudo-principles of displacement (where everything is upside down and reversed), this small part of the Inner Mind is forced into a subservient position to the external mind. By the same pseudo-principle of displacement, the external mind now becomes fully activated and takes a position of dominance and control within this Zone. Thus the reign of externals begins. Since there is no true, original and real knowledge and understanding in the external mind apart from the Spiritual, Inner Mind, the external mind must fabricate illusions of reality, illusions of knowledges and illusions of understanding. Thus, whatever or whoever exists within the Zone of Displacement is in a continuous distortion of reality, knowledge, understanding and perception of self, others, the universe, all Creation and the Most High. Because of their upside down position, whatever is truly real is considered unreal and whatever is unreal is considered to be real. This is true of all matters in the Zone of Displacement.


In the global and very general sense, basically, there are two states and conditions within the Universal Multidimensional Zone of Displacement. One state and condition and its process derives its origin from activation of the negative state and process by the will of people (by the principle of free choice) and by putting the negative state into a ruling and domineering condition and position. This particular state of the Zone of Displacement is actively inhabited by those people who activate it by their free will and free choice in the first place; and by sentient entities who volunteer for some very important spiritual reasons to incarnate into this Zone. In the physical or natural degree of the Zone of Displacement this situation is limited to planet Earth, its solar system and its part of the Galaxy known as the Milky Way. In the intermediate world it is limited to a special region assigned to those who go there after their departure from the physical degree of this Zone for their Last Judgment and further determination of their destinies. In the spiritual world all of the Zone of Displacement constitutes what .is called Hell.


The other state and condition of this Zone of Displacement originates from the potentiality of the negative state's being and existence as an alternative to the positive state and condition. In this state the negative state is in its natural dormant and inactive condition. Because whoever is within the Lord's Creation is by free choice in the positive state, no activation of negativity can take place and no drastic shift to the Zone of Displacement can occur for them. Therefore, this part of the Zone is by and large uninhabited by any sentient entity. Only occasionally some negative spirits from the Hells are permitted to roam throughout the Zone of Displacement and to discharge their rage, violence, viciousness, and to fabricate cataclysmic events which cannot hurt anyone (example: making displaced Suns to go Nova and Super-nova, etc.) There is no possibility for these kinds of spirits to trespass into the Zones of Placement where the positive state exists. The passage from the Zone of Displacement into the true Creation is possible only by the change of will, which requires a change of the entire nature of one's entire mind.


Whoever resides in the Zone of Displacement can discern and perceive that Zone and its events and occurrences within one dimension only (meaning that people in the natural or physical region of this Zone do not see or perceive the other dimensions even of their own Zone, such as, for example, the Hells, etc., and vice versa). However, people within the Lord's Creation can discern and perceive events and occurrences in the Zone of Displacement, if they wish to, without being physically present in it. From the orderly and lawful state of the universe one can easily discern and perceive that which is disorderly, lawless and displaced. However, by the nature of displacement and disorder, those who are in a displaced and disorderly mode of being and existence cannot discern and perceive from their position that which is orderly and lawful. The reason is these people consider displacement and disorder to be normal, natural, orderly, proper and the only reality. Denial of being and existence of any other reality makes it impossible to discern and to perceive any events, occurrences and happenings anywhere or anywhen else in Creation.


This is the reason why, by and large, people on Earth do not have any outward experiential sensory perception and discernment of the reality of spiritual, intermediate and true physical worlds. The peculiarity of this situation is that the majority of people on planet Earth do not even have a proper perception, understanding and discernment of the physical reality, not to speak about spiritual and intermediate reality. In actuality, being in the state and process of the activated and domineering negative state, people on Earth are displaced also from the true reality of the physical universe. What they see in the outward universe from that part of planet Earth which is placed in the Universal Multidimensional Zone of Displacement is not the true physical universe, or even the true physical Earth itself, but only the displaced zone of that universe and Earth which contains all distortions and illusions of reality.


In view of this fact, it is not surprising that people on Earth see only negative, evil, hostile, uninhabited, violent, barren, frozen, cataclysmic aspects of the universe, which is not a true universe but its displacement zone, which, (as mentioned before), came into appearance at the moment of awareness by the sentient entities that they had and have a choice to negate, reject and distort the true reality of spirituality and its principles. Such an awareness, by the principles of actualization of ideas, gives an impetus to an appearance of a Zone which is different from and outside of real Creation. In other words, it is entirely displaced.


Thus, people on Earth, when they look at various planets in their solar system and observe occurrences and happenings on them, they see either a raging inferno (such as on Venus, Jupiter, etc.), or lifeless, frozen, barren, inhospitable and poisonous places (such as on Mars, Saturn, etc.). What people do not realize is that they do not see these planets and galaxies in their true and natural physical reality and corresponding spiritual and intermediate worlds, but they only register, measure, observe and explore their own displaced Zone which corresponds to the negative state and processes.


It is impossible to see anything of the true reality from the activated and domineering external, sensory mind and its tools of exploration (the scientific tools). From this position one always remains in the Zone of Displacement of the negative state, which state is nothing but a violent, raging inferno of disasters, cataclysms, inhospitability, frigidity and lifelessness.


It would not be surprising if people on Earth, from their present spiritual condition, which is a condition of distorted and false outward spirituality or denial of spirituality, were to travel to various places in their pseudo-universe (considered by them to be a real universe) and find no life anywhere of the type and form of life they consider to be life!


In order for them to be able to see a real universe and real life, they would have to change their will and their nature and to put the external mind and the negative state back into a subservient, dormant and inactive condition and, instead, activate their Inner Minds and their interior minds allowing them to accept the true spiritual reality of Creation from the Most High. There is no other way to correct this situation.


One of ways r the correction of this situation is through the process of spiritual reawakening, relearning, re­structuring and transformation through such means as intensive spiritual hypnotherapy, as described in the book "Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy" and similar methods.


The process of displacement of the negative state and those who activate it by their free will can be conceptualized as follows:


When this activation occurs, a tremendous disturbance and havoc in the fabric of the discrete and continuous spatial-­temporal Zone of being and existence takes place. One has to remember that all laws of the spatial-temporal Zone are dependent upon and are influenced by the sentient mind. So, whatever happens in a sentient mind is reflected in a space-time continuum and in a discrete phase of the spatial-temporal mode. The sudden intense opposition toward spiritual principles, which maintain order and lawfulness in all Zones of being and existence, creates a peculiar spatial-temporal storm and warp of an unusual magnitude. Those who initiate such an opposition are caught up in this storm and warp. In this process two things happen: as a result of this storm, a new discrete and continuous spatial-­temporal Zone appears, which is displaced from the regular, orderly and lawful position of Creation; and those who initiate this process by their free will fall out from the rest of Creation into this new Zone of Displacement where they establish themselves and flourish in the counter-spiritual or pseudo-spiritual mode of being and existence.


This new Zone of Displacement, by the process of its coming into being and existence, is thrown out of any alignment with the rest of Creation because there are no common points of contact which would enable any reasonable bridging with other Zones of Placements in being and existence. This is another reason why people who are trapped by their free choices in the Zone of Displacement cannot see, hear, perceive, properly apprehend and directly communicate with the real spiritual, intermediate and physical worlds which are in their proper alignment, placement and position.


Such perception and communication is possible only by: (1) dissociation from the externals which dominate and rule the Zone of Displacement; (2) by turning inward into the inner, subjective reality of the Inner Mind's being and existence, which is open to various dimensions. This can be accomplished by placing oneself, for example, into a plenary state of hypnosis or other similar conditions. However, these methods are considered abnormal by most people, and what is experienced during such a condition is labeled as hallucination, delusion, illusion, active imagination, multiple personality, or similar pathological or unreal categories, which have no being and existence in their own reality apart from one's imagination. This conclusion is, of course, the result of the fact that everything in the Zone of Displacement is upside down. In reality, the exact opposite is true.


When, from the Zone of Displacement, one approaches one's internals for establishing a contact with other dimensions, one is exposed to certain dangers of missing the proper points of contact. In such a case, instead of contacting the true Zone of Placement, one gets in touch with other levels, regions and dimensions of the Zone of Displacement, such as, for example, Hells, or Nothingness, or the Intermediate Zone of Displacement or similar states, conditions and positions. The danger of this situation is in considering these false points of contact to be a true door to the reality of Creation within the Zone of Placement. In this way one is fed with all kinds of falsities, distortions, misinterpretations, misconceptions, delusions, etc., instead of receiving real truths coming from the Most High or His/ Her representatives.


Therefore, before one approaches such a contact, it is necessary to explore inward intentions and motivations which lead to a desire to make such. a contact. Also, before such a contact is made, one needs first to work out all of on~' problems, understand the reasons for being incarnated in the Zone of Displacement, and make proper corrections and changes of one's will, intentions, motivations and understanding of life. If this is not accomplished first, one most certainly will not get in contact with the true Spiritual Reality of the Most High's Creation, but instead one will be misled and misguided into believing that the false contacts one makes are true contacts with the Most High.


There is no other way possible than through such explorations and examinations, as described above and in "Messages From Within", to reverse the drastic shift that placed one into the Zone of Displacement, and to reestablish one's proper place in the Most High's Creation. The principle is that whatever can displace itself from the within of Creation can also return to its original place before the displacement. And since displacement occurred by the active free will of changing one's spiritual attitude and orientation, reestablishment in the proper place of Creation can occur only by the active free will of changing one's spiritual attitude and orientation, and by acceptance and application of all spiritual principles of the Most High's Creation. There is no other way.


In the process of fall-out from the reality of the true Creation of the Most High, through the special spatial-temporal warp, in the discrete and continuous mode of being and existence, a tremendous spiritual, mental and physical chasm came into existence which separates the entire Multidimensional Zone of Displacement from the rest of Creation. As mentioned above, there are no direct contacts between one side of this chasm and the other side.


This situation is reflected nicely in Jesus Christ's parable about Abraham, Lazarus and a rich man who was in Hell. The literal sense of this parable from the standpoint of the Zone of Displacement, gives one a finalistic impression that such a situation is final, locked in and unchangeable. This is how the entire literal sense of the Bible appears. This is true about everything in the Zone of Displacement. Whatever is said in the spiritual world or by someone from the spiritual world, as it descends into human understanding, is turned into categories, ideas and concepts of the external mind which dominate the Zone of Displacement. Since this is a place of displacement, the whole meaning of such messages is also displaced and is expressed in terms of finality, unchangeability and eternal stagnation in locked-in positions. This is the language of the Zone of Displacement. This is an illusion which feeds life to the Zone of Displacement. But the problem with this Zone is that all such illusions are considered to be true reality and everything is taken literally, not potentially and spiritually. Because true spirituality is impossible in the Zone of Displacement (otherwise it would not be displaced) from the position of the external mind, no true spiritual understanding of such literal statements, as the above­mentioned parable, is discernible to people who cling to external forms, expressions, impressions and understandings of their Zone of Displacement.


The true spiritual meaning of this parable about Abraham, Lazarus and the rich man is obvious. As long as spiritual principles of the Most High's Creation are not recognized, followed and applied (in this parable these principles correspond to Moses and the prophets, their laws and statements respectively), nothing else can change the current situation. Denial, rejection, distortion and perversion of these spiritual principles fabricates this chasm that cannot be crossed from either direction. The crossing can be accomplished only by the change of will and attitude. Nothing else will work. No outward miracles can do anything for anyone. This parable also implies very obviously that no reincarnation of people into the Zone of Displacement can bring any changes for others or for those who supposedly reincarnated there, because it takes place in the externals and in the Zone of Displacement which is ruled and dominated by the externals. The laws, rules and regulations of the externals and the Zone of Displacement do not apply anywhere else in Creation. They are totally and completely contradictory, unreal, abnormal and unnatural to anything and anyone within the Most High's Creation not partaking in the Zone of Displacement. From this standpoint it is obvious that the process of multiple literal reincarnation of the same spirit into the same Zone of Displacement is unlawful, unnatural, counter-productive and entirely futile. Nothing useful can be accomplished by such a process. The only thing that could be accomplished by it would be more contaminations, pollutions and poisons of the spirit and its mind by the illusions, unrealities, falsities, evilness and distortions which are the life of this Zone. This would only fuel the being and existence of the Zone of Displacement, which is a negative state and process activated and domineering.


So, the entire spiritual meaning of the above-mentioned parable is in the proclamation that one can potentially stay forever in one's state and condition as long as one does not desire to change. Notice, please, that the rich man in Hell did not ask for help to change his will and his lifestyle but only for alleviation of his suffering in order to make it easier for him to be where he was so that he could continue without any hinderances in his negative lifestyle that kept him in the Zone of Displacement. Therefore, Abraham responds by telling him that such things are impossible to accomplish under existing conditions. And the same is true about the rich man's request to reincarnate someone back into the house of his relatives so that they would not come to the spiritual Zone of Displacement, which is Hell, after their physical departure from the physical Zone of Displacement. Such an occurrence


cannot initiate any change because it is compulsory and comes from without. Only from within, and only by one's free will and free choice to recognize, accept, follow and apply the spiritual principles of the Most High's Creation, can one change the status quo and unlock oneself from one's present state and condition, no matter what, where or when it is.


This newly discovered spiritual theory of the Universal Multidimensional Zone of Displacement, revealed at this time by the Most High, has, for obvious reasons, tremendous implications and far-reaching consequences for all areas of human life. First of all, it points out the fact that nothing in human life on planet Earth is genuine, true and correct. There is nothing in the human conceptualization of life, spirituality, religion, philosophy, science, etc., which is not polluted, contaminated and poisoned by distortions, falsities and externalizations.


No matter how good and Godly human conceptual­izations seem to be or how nice and true they sound, they are all subject to myriads of distortions because they are all conceptualized from the position o the Zone of Displacement. Therefore, they are all displaced fro the reality of the Most High's Creation and the Most High truth and spiritual principles. One is, therefore, advised not to place one's faith, trust and confidence in any existing concepts, ideas, doctrines, religions, philosophies, sciences, etc. Secondly, the realization, recognition and acceptance of this fact is a necessary prerequisite for the possible initiation of a change of the existing condition. Until this time mankind in the Zone of Displacement (pseudo­mankind) was not spiritually ready to have this important realization. However, once this is revealed by the Most High directly (and only the Most High can reveal this fact), anyone who wishes can start the process of change. This process starts with total dissociation and relinquishment of all concepts, ideas, philosophies, beliefs, religious doctrines, social mores, traditions, customs, conventions and cultures which have been part of one's will, thinking, feeling, attitude, intention, motivation, behavior and lifestyle. No exceptions to this requirement are possible.


One must show one's good will, by one's free choice, to do so regardless of whether one's religion, philosophy, lifestyle, etc., are good and positive. One must be willing to give up and entirely relinquish forever whatever one has learned, acquired and possesses. Clinging rigidly to anything in this respect totally invalidates one's effort for change. Only after one shows good will from one's internal stance to give up or unlearn everything, can one start to be introduced, step by step, into the true reality of the Most High's Creation. At such a time when one acquires enough proper knowledges, truths, will and attitudes for implementation in one's life, a reversed drastic shift will occur transferring one from the Zone of Displacement, regardless of which dimension of this Zone one is in at the time, into the Zone of Placement which is a positive state and process of the Most High's Creation.


Eventually this process may lead to a time when the Universal Multidimensional Zone of Displacement becomes once again uninhabited and becomes dormant, remaining only as a potentiality, as a possible choice to the Zone of the Positive State. This is where its place in actuality should be to eternity.


From now on it would be advisable to conceptualize the structure of Creation in the following terms:



The Universal Multidimensional Zone of Placement consists of (1) an infinite number and variety of spiritual worlds of positive states and processes, commonly known to people as Heavens; (2) an infinite variety and number of intermediate worlds of the positive states and processes; and (3) an infinite variety and number of physical worlds of the positive states and processes. All these worlds comprise the Most High's Creation.



The Universal Multidimensional Zone of Displace­ment consists of many levels of displacement from the true spiritual worlds in an active and inactive mode of appearance. The inactive Zone of Displacement appears as a side effect of sentient entities' ideas, concepts and abilities to have free choice to recede from the positive state and to reject spiritual principles. Such ideas, concepts and abilities to do so maintain everyone's free will. Their continuous presence in the awareness of the universality-of-it-all is sufficient to give impetus to the existence of a Special Universal Multidimensional Zone of Displacement that is uninhabited and void of any sentient life if not life in general. This Zone appears at all levels of being and existence: in spiritual worlds, intermediate worlds and physical worlds.


The active and inhabited Zone of Displacement is the result of sentient entities' free choice to activate by their free will the negative state and process and put it in a dominant position. This state, logically, opposes all true principles of spirituality and spiritual progression.


The active Zone of Displacement in the spiritual world is called by people-Hell.


The active Zone of Displacement in the intermediate world consists of people in transition from the physical Zone of Displacement before their assignment in a potentially permanent state of displacement (by their free choice) or in a potentially permanent state of placement within the Most High's Creation (if they choose to change by their free will or if they are returning home from their special assignment from the Most High in the active Zones of Displacement).


And, finally, the active physical Zone of Displacement, which is a displaced Zone of the true physical planet Earth, inhabited by people incarnated either from the other Zones of Displacement or by their free choice to accept special assignments and missions in that Zone.


In view of this fact, people on planet Earth do not inhabit the real physical planet Earth, which is within the true and real Creation of the Most High, but they inhabit only the displaced Zone of planet Earth and displaced Zones of their solar system, Galaxy and universe. They do not have any physical access to the real Earth, real solar system, or the real galaxy or universe. As mentioned above, they are outside of them, thrown out of alignment with the rest of Creation. All their transmissions and receptions are on entirely different waves, so-to-speak, than all others in Creation. They are in no way tuned into the rest of Creation, but instead they are tuned in only into and throughout Zones of Displacement. This is the reason that they do not know anything about what is going on in the real Creation.


Swedenborg was one of the few people, while living in this displacement Zone of planet Earth, who was permitted to a limited extent to be in contact with various other Zones of Placement both in the spiritual, intermediate and physical worlds. When Swedenborg described various inhabitants of physical planets of this solar system and other places of the universe, he was, in fact, describing the real physical planets and not their displaced Zones as seen by most people from their current spiritual, mental, physical and scientific awareness.


Therefore, Swedenborg's Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc., were alive, habitable by spiritually, mentally and physically well-developed sentient entities also in physical form. He saw them in their true dimension within the Zone of Placement. On the other hand, the rest of the people from the Zone of Displacement of planet Earth, do not see any possibility of true life forms, not to speak of sentient life, on those and other planets. The situation would be different if people of those other planets were to activate by their free will the negative state and allow it to be a dominant force of their lives. In that case, by the drastic shift in the spatial-temporal fabric of discreteness and continuity, a sudden warp would occur, which would throw them out of their true and real universe, and they would fall into the Zone of Displacement of their planet. In that case they would become perceptible and discernible to people of the displaced Zone of Earth.


However, the opposite is also true. People who, by their free will or choice, turn inward, to the real universe, in the process of their deep state of meditation and plenary state of hypnosis, are able to transcend temporarily the Displacement Zone, if they have the right intention and motivation. This enables them to have experiences and glimpses of other worlds, dimensions and sentient entities who are truly real. They even are able to communicate with them and to learn different ways of looking at and understanding reality.


The philosophical difference between the non-active and active Universal Multidimensional Zone of Displacement depends upon the extent to which the ideas and concepts of free choice to reject or distort spiritual principles of the Most High's Creation are activated and actualized. In the case of the inactive condition, the ideas of free choice to reject or distort spiritual principles are constantly in the process of occurrence but never in the process of proceeding and becoming. In order for the occurring ideas to proceed and to become they must be accepted for identification by those who have such ideas. Any idea can proceed and become, once it occurs, only through and by identification with it of sentient entities within whom these ideas occur. If there is no identification of sentient entities with such occurring ideas, they cannot proceed and truly become. In this case, the ideas only continue to occur. However, the process of occurrence is an active process. The activity of that process continuously generates and emanates energies and spheres which, by their content, cannot take hold within the lawful Creation of the Most High because they are disorderly. Instead they fall out giving the appearance of the Universal Multidimensional Zone of Displacement. Since there are no proceedings and becomings into these Zones by an act of identification with such ideas of sentient entities and their Zones, no sentient entity lives in those displaced Zones.


On the other hand, the active Zones of Displacement are full of sentient life from those sentient entities who, by the act of their free will, make a free choice to reject, deny, distort or pervert the spiritual principles of the Most High's Creation; they consequently identify themselves fully with the occurring ideas of such rejection, denial, distortion and/ or perversion, etc., and by the act of such an identification they allow those ideas to proceed and become. The first people who did this were the so-called pseudo-creators described in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality".


Since such negative ideas have no possible place for survival within the lawful Universal Placement of the Most High's Creation, they fall out from it, together with those who identify themselves with those ideas, giving the origination of the Active Zones of Displacement. Hence such people, by this act, make the negative state and process real within the Active Universal Multidimensional Zone of Displacement.


As mentioned above the first sentient entities who decided to deny, reject and pervert the true spiritual principles of the Most High were so-called pseudo-creators. At that time they occupied the physical reality of planet Earth. They were aware of the existence of the inactive Zone of Displacement from the occurring ideas of free choices and specifically from the idea of the opposite choice to the choice of staying in the positive state. Knowing that they were not locked in the positive state forever as a necessity, unless they should choose to be, they decided to experiment with the implementation of the opposite choice. They utilized the inactive Zone of Displacement as an experimental field for their plans, manipulating time-space continuum and the discrete mode of Creation, causing dimensional warps, until they succeeded in the activation of the negative state. Originally, there was no evil intention in such manipulation. The need to experiment and explore stemmed from sensorial curiosity of what the negative state would be like if activated and put in the dominant position. The time span, which took place from the moment when pseudo-creators originally started to experiment with the actualization of the opposite choices to the moment of the full activation of the negative state, continued for several million years from the standpoint of physical Earth time. In the process of this experimentation, the initial sensorial-scientific curiosity gradually turned into evil intent. When one plays with fire, one tends to get burned at one point. However, in the moment of the final successful activation of the negative state, when the negative state became fully dominant through total identification with it by the will of the pseudo-creators, a drastic shift, storm and warp in the entire fabric of the spatial-temporal continuum and discreteness occurred, which threw them out of the true Zone of Placement of the Most High's Creation; they literally fell out and down into the Zone of Displacement with everything they possessed.


The pseudo-creators knew that this exact situation would happen and, in fact, they welcomed it. At that point they were so totally and completely identified with the activated negative state that they lost all desire to be in the same place and state with those who were of the positive and good inclinations from the Most High. They needed to get out of the Most High's true Creation so that they could oppose the Most High and His/ Her positive state and its spiritual principles, which the pseudo-creators at this point hated with all their passion (such hate is an inevitable outcome of the activation of the negative state). No one within the Most High's Creation can oppose spiritual principles because they give one life, motivation, freedom, creativity, independence and choices. Therefore, the pseudo-creators first developed an intense desire to get out of the Most High's Creation so that they could oppose it without any hindrances, obstacles or interferences from Life's principles.


By that intense desire, will and wish, they in actuality became totally separated from all others in the Zone of the true Creation and brought about the above-described drastic shift that enabled them to fabricate Hells (The Zone of Displacement of the Spiritual World) and inhabit various Universal Multi­dimensional Zones of Displacement that, up to that point, were totally inactive.


As one can clearly see, this counter-productive effort of the pseudo-creators, who activated the negative state, came from the level of the natural degree of Creation, from its outermost region. The outermost region of the natural degree of Creation is relatively in the closest proximity to the inactive Zone of Displacement. The further one is positioned from the outermost region of the natural degree, the less probability there is that a desire will occur to make a choice opposite to the positive state, and vice-versa.


In this respect the concept of the fallen Angel or Lucifer, who supposedly was on a very high level in the hierarchy of the Lord's spiritual organization, is a distortion of true reality. In an allegorical form and finalistic terms, this concept describes the availability of different choices and freedom of anyone without any exception to change one's condition to eternity. Such a situation as this generates ideas on the margin of one's awareness that one does not have to be where one is at the moment. The potentiality for change of one's state and condition or, more precisely, the continuous awareness of such a possibility, gives simultaneous occurrence to that different place where one can go.


Now, this is exactly what the allegory of a Fallen Angel signifies. It does not signify literally that a real person of a high spiritual place and position in the Most High's Creation decided to oppose the spiritual principles of the Most High, and subsequently fall down or out into the Zone of Displacement, becoming an evil person, a Devil or Satan, etc. Instead, this allegory signifies there is a continuously occurring idea of one's freedom to remain positive or become a negative and evil person. Even if one were created by the Most High as the very first entity in Creation, occupying the highest imaginable position and place in the hierarchy of the spiritual organization, one potentiates and maintains always in the state of availability a Universal Multi­dimensional Zone of Displacement to which one can and may fall out if one decides to do so by one's freedom of choice. Without existence of such a Zone, there would be no awareness of freedom of choice. Without a continuous awareness of this freedom of choice, no life could be sustained and the entire Creation would perish.


The problem is not that such a Zone of Displacement exists as a result of the continuously occurring idea of freedom of choice to be or not to be a part of the Most High's Creation. The problem begins only when someone decides to utilize one's freedom of choice by opposing the spiritual principles of the Most High and the Most High Himself/ Herself; by this act one activates the Zone of Displacement, bringing it into dominance of the negative state. From that moment on the consequences and outcomes of the domineering negative state begin to be manifested, actualized and realized, bringing to life and to reality everything which is opposite to love and wisdom, good and truth, faith and charity, and justice and judgement.


From eternity to eternity no one in the spiritual world of the positive state ever wants or wanted to activate the negative state from the idea of freedom of choice to stay there or to leave. Such a desire is inconceivable to someone who is in the positive state of the spiritual reality and spiritual dimension. Therefore, no one from the ranks of spirits, angels, archangels and the other higher order of sentient entities of the Heavens ever decided to change one's place in the positive state for place in the negative state, i.e., to change into an evil person. However, this does not preclude changing one's state and place within the positive state of the Most High's Creation. Neither does it preclude anyone volunteering to descend or to incarnate for one life span into the activated physical Zone of Displacement for special important spiritual missions and assignments from the Most High.


A desire to experiment with the negative state and with the Zone of Displacement, therefore, could occur only to someone who originally started in one's being and existence at the outermost level of Creation - the natural or physical degree, particularly in its outermost region (outermost of the outermostness). The reason why such an experimentation with and activation of the negative state was permitted by the Most High was revealed in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" to which the reader of this theory is referred.






As pointed out many times in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and in "Messages From Within", the Absolute Divine Providence of the Most High works continuously by many ways and means to bring all people who are in the Zone of Displacement back to the Zone of Placement without violating their free choice either to remain negative or become positive.


In all the active Zones of Displacement a continuous production of evils, falsities, distortions, perversions, misguidances and misleadings is being effected and realized for the perpetuation, fueling and preservation of the upside down position of life and its pseudo-principle. From such a flood of negativity no one would ever be able to return to one's original place within the Most High's Creation.


Therefore, in order to rectify this situation and provide a certain flow of real truths from the true Creation of the Most High, the Most High seeks out special volunteers from the positive state of Creation for incarnation or descent into the Zone of Displacement in order to become channels, messengers and emissaries for the Most High for transmission and revelation of various different aspects of the nature of spirituality, the Most High, the spiritual world, other dimensions of Creation and the true, unmasked nature of the Zone of Displacement itself.


Different times and different conditions of mankind in the Zones of Displacement require revelations and transmission of different aspects and levels of truth from the Absolute Source ­the Most High. No one in the entire Creation can conceive, apprehend and manifest the Absolute Truth and be Absolutely Good because such an ability would indicate that such a one is untreated and absolute. Only the Most High is Absolute and Untreated. Therefore, it is necessary to realize that revelations of various different aspects of truths and good which are more and more approximate to the Absolute Good and Absolute Truth of the Most High take place continuously throughout all Creation in all dimensions, levels, degrees, regions and steps, including the highest levels of the spiritual world. The degree, the content and the extent of such revealed truths and their goods is always relevant to the current spiritual state, needs and readiness of those to whom this or that particular aspect and level of the truth and its good is revealed.


For example, what is revealed at any given time to the members of the innermost Heavenly society or to the New Heavenly Society, sometimes called, the celestial-cosmic society, will differ from and will transcend anything revealed at other levels of the Heavens, or various levels of the spiritual, intermediate or physical worlds.


In this respect, to each society, nation, country or group of people in the Heavens, the intermediate world and the physical world, as well as throughout activated and inhabited parts of the Zone of Displacement, will be revealed different aspects and levels of truth and its good than to any other societies. For this reason each of these societies has members especially appointed by the Most High, who volunteer to be channels or instruments in the hands of the Most High through whom the Most High reveals various aspects and levels of truth and its good relevant to the needs, conditions, states and readiness of all those within the pace and quality of their chosen spiritual progression and transcendence of the previous step's knowledges, understanding and application of the truth and its good. Such members have agreed from their free will to be the Most High's channels for this important purpose not because they are more special or different than others, but because they agreed to accept this particular assignment and to be appropriately equipped by the Most High with the degree of wisdom, knowledge, intuition and insights which has to always be at least one step ahead of others. However, all others in their own specific assignments and unique contributions to the common good, growth, betterment and progression are as special and as important and equal as those who have this specific assignment for transmission of the new revelations, new knowledges, new aspects and levels of truth and its good from the Most High.


It is very important to realize that the ability to perceive, to accept and to apply the various revealed different aspects, degrees and levels of truth and its good depends upon one's freely chosen position, stance, attitude and place within the Most High's Creation and the hierarchy of spiritual organization. The closer one approximates the Most High's Nature and the more one is identified with the Image and Likeness of God, the greater, the deeper, the higher and the more extensive and intensive degree, level and step of truth and its good one will have and share. And vice-versa: the further one is from that point of approximation and identification, the lesser and the lower level and aspect and the less extensive and intensive degree, quality and step of truth and its good one will have and share. However, this is only a relative comparison because any degree, level, step and aspect of revealed truth and its good is equally important and needed in the cumulative totality of all revealed truths at all levels of the hierarchy of spiritual organization of the Most High. Such a total cumulative sum approximates the closest Absolute Truth and Its Absolute Good of the Most High. One level cannot exist without another level, and each level derives its being and existence from one another, depending on its truth and good, in order to build on it and to progress further to the transcending understanding, perception and application of the truth and its good.


However, the situation is different with those who are in the Active Part of the Zone of Displacement. They are not "within" but "without" of the Most High's Creation. It is more correct to say they are displaced from the Most High's Creation. Therefore, left to themselves they would have no proper discernment and comprehension of any degree of truth and of any desire to do good. Such a situation would lead ultimately to their complete annihilation because, in order for them to survive, it is necessary to have some degree and level of truth and its good even in distorted form (distorted truth after all is a distorted truth; that is, it stems from the initial certain true aspect and level of truth which becomes subsequently distorted and perverted) with some desire for good.


However, from the peculiar position of the inhabitants of the Active Zone of Displacement, they could never achieve any means and ways to discover truth and good from within, where the real truth and good is, because by their position they closed off their "within."


Therefore, the Absolute Providence of the Most High provides for the inhabitants of the Displaced Zone many different opportunities to see, understand and apply some limited degree and level of truth, and to desire good not from within themselves but from without by external means, such as through various teachings, writings, preachings, discussions, etc.


In order that such teachings, writings, preachings and opportunities for discussions will always be available to people in the Zone of Displacement, the Most High sends at appropriate times in each era specific volunteers, who incarnate or descend into the active Zones of Displacement to function as channels, transmitters, agents, messengers and emissaries for the Most High. At one point in the history of Displaced Zones, the Most High Himself/ Herself, in the form of Jesus Christ, incarnated on this displaced Earth and also descended into the Hells for such a purpose, as well as for many other purposes. These volunteers channel from the Most High such teachings, writings, preachings, etc. The incarnation takes place only in the displaced Zone of physical Earth. Other emissaries descend to other Zones of Displacement (such as Hells, for example, etc.) where it is not necessary for them to be incarnated.


There are always a certain number of such agents, messengers, emissaries, etc., who are present at each time at all levels and layers of the Zone of Displacement and who are ready and willing to transmit various aspects and levels of truths and their goods, congruent with the need, state, quality and condition of each time and region where they are stationed and assigned by the Most High. The number varies in accordance with the spiritual situation and degree of readiness of each region of this Zone. However, there is always someone present.


At the present time in the Zone of displacement of planet Earth (from which Zone this revelation is being written), there are basically two ways in which the presence of various aspects of truth and its good is being continuously assured. The level, aspect and step of truth and its good depends upon what can be, to a certain extent, conceived and understood. In addition, false prophets are equally being incarnated on this displaced Earth to preserve the balance of the Displaced Zone.


The certain small number of special agents, messengers or emissaries of the Most High in this Zone are used by the Most High for transmitting revelations, descriptions, conceptualizations, writings and preachings. They also share different aspects and different levels of truth and its good from the Most High. Each such agent or messenger is assigned to transmit or to intuit and share a different aspect and level of truth and its good. No one agent is more important than any other. They are in all respects equal in that the aspect and level of truth and its good which is being revealed and transmitted through them at each time, as the needs arise, is as vital and needed as any other aspect and level of the truth and its good being revealed through some other agent or messenger, even though some aspects and levels of truth and its good seem to be or even are transcendent to others or appear simplistic and obvious. All these vital, fundamental and essential aspects and levels of revealed truth and its good from the Absolute Source are accommodated to the degree, level and ability of comprehension, acceptance and application of people of that region or part of the displaced Earth where those agents are located. Some regions and respectively their people, are capable of deeper and higher understanding, acceptance and application than others. However, it does not make them more special, better, exclusive or more deserving. They all perform the same ultimate purpose and use - to show and to demonstrate to people, trapped by their free choice in the Zone of Displacement, the ways and the means out of it into the true Creation of the Most High.


However, there is one common denominator for all these various aspects and levels of truth and its good from the Absolute Source, transmitted by these special messengers or agents of the Most High. They all are characterized by the principles of spiritual homogeneity which were formulated in "Messages From Within", which "Messages" were written from the Most High by such an agent of the Most High. These principles are available as a key for anyone to recognize the true spiritual validity and value of any teachings, writings, preachings and discussions on spiritual issues, regardless of their differences. One has to remember that each messenger of the Most High reveals a different aspect and level of truth about the Most High and the nature of spirituality. Therefore, in their outward appearance, labeling and rituals they can be very different or even alien - at least not the same as seen from the position of some other messenger. But they all uniformly emphasize the principles of spiritual homogeneity in one form or another. In such an emphasis is their absolute spiritual value.


I am told by the Most High that at the present time there are approximately forty-four such special agents, messengers and emissaries of the Most High on Earth. Most of them have a very low profile. They are not very well known and their teachings, writings, preachings or ideas have, unfortunately, a very limited number of followers during their life phase in this Zone.


There is another category of people in this Zone of Displacement that are not special agents, messengers or emissaries; instead they are being utilized by the Most High for their good intentions and desire to be spiritual. They contribute toward the knowledge, or at least toward proper interpretation, of truth and its good. These people do not have direct revelation from the Most High, as do special messengers; instead they are either in contact with some special agents on Earth or special spiritual entities from the spiritual world. In most instances, they derive their knowledge and insights about spirituality from the teachings and writings that deal with spiritual issues, God and Creation as recorded in various holy books, such as, for example, the Bible. These people are devoted to spreading the good news and the ideas incorporated in such writings, as they understand it, from the position and platform of doctrines accepted by their various religions, derived from the Holy Books. Because of this situation the proper understanding of spiritual issues contained in those books is subject to numerous distortions from the loyalties these people have toward their chosen religious preferences. Among church members these people are popular, listened to and followed by many thousands and millions of members who thirst for spirituality.


This situation is not only permitted and tolerated by the Most High, but is utilized by Him/ Her to keep people in some degree of spiritual awareness within the Zone of Displacement, which is much better than total denial of spiritual principles or the acceptance of atheism. In the preachings and teachings of these leaders and ministers there are many grains of pure spiritual truths clothed in distortions of conventional, customary, traditional and cultural religious doctrines adopted by them. The spiritual stance, attitude and destiny of these leaders depends upon their intentions and motivations, and the degree of identification with those grains of pure spiritual truths and/ or with the distortions. The better the intention and motivation and the more identification with the grains of truth, rather than with distortion, the better chance they have, after leaving the Zone and coming into the spiritual world, to recede from distortion and be taught, guided and instructed in real truth and its good accepting it into their lives. The same is true for their followers. If they believe their leaders and their preached doctrines for the sake of God, Goodness, Love and for the sake of spirituality in general, they do not have many problems in receding from accepted distortions after they come to the spiritual world.


The point here is that the spiritual level of these kind of people is such that, at the time of their Earthly life in its Zone of Displacement, they are not equipped to have a better, transcending or real understanding and acceptance of various aspects and levels of undistorted truths. It is easier for them, for some reason or another, to accept distortions of truth which contain within themselves the grains of real truths. With acceptance of those distortions they inadvertently accept also the grains of real truths. These grains of real truths are capable of taking hold in their spiritual selves, if their motivation and intention is positive and good, and gradually lead to the opening of certain levels of their Inner Mind. The Inner Mind prepares them in small steps for eventual acceptance of those real truths and their goods from the Most High and for removal of and freedom from all distortions.


I am told by the Lord that at the present time on planet Earth (displaced Zone) there are approximately three thousand three hundred and thirty-three teachers, preachers, ministers, writers who derive their teachings from holy books and spiritual leaders. They maintain some degree of spiritual awareness for people in this Zone of Displacement derived from Holy Books or from mediations of various messages from positive spirits other than from direct revelations from the Most High. These people usually are on television, radio, rallies, at pulpits in churches and similar public places. For obvious reasons they have numerous followers in comparison with the true and direct messengers, agents and emissaries of the Most High who usually prepare mankind as a whole for the next step in their spiritual development and who are rarely recognized and fully accepted during their stay in the Zone of Displacement. In many instances these special agents of the Most High are ostracized, persecuted, laughed at, considered to be insane, banned from membership in churches and/ or considered to be led by the evil spirits or possessed by demons.


Of course, the activators and perpetuators of the Zone of Displacement do not sleep or allow the positive forces to take over and cancel the active state of this Zone. They make a continuous effort to preserve the status quo of this Zone. Therefore, they have their own agents, messengers and emissaries from the Zone of Displacement called Hells. These types of agents usually transmit and teach hellish doctrines, concepts and "philosophies". The most dangerous type of these "messengers" are those who can be called false prophets who use the name of God, of Great Spirit or some other similar seemingly spiritual name to mislead, confuse, misguide and destroy people and spirituality. They feed people with all kinds of false religious, spiritualistic and cultistic abominations; they become founders and transmitters of various black cults of Satan, the Devil, etc., black magic, witchcraft and similar practices that evoke dark forces, very often under the guise of serving God (their own false God).


I am told by the Most High that at the present time we have on displaced Earth approximately forty-four such false prophets and Antichrists, operating to disrupt all efforts of the positive agents and messengers from the positive side and their forces and to establish a complete and total reign of the Hells throughout all Creation, causing the entire Creation to fall out into the Zone of Displacement.


Deriving from these false prophets and Antichrist and their false teachings, doctrines and writings, there are approximately three thousand three hundred and thirty-three pseudo-teachers, pseudo-writers, pseudo-ministers, pseudo-­preachers and pseudo-leaders who spread the false gospel of atheism, bolshevism, communism, marxism, materialism, agnosticism, pantheism, terrorism, self-righteous religious forms and cults.


Anyone who is preoccupied and fascinated by such pseudo-spiritual or atheistic, materialistic and agnostic concepts and supports them is a follower, perpetuator and activator of the negative state and fuels life to the Zone of Displacement. Many millions of people on Earth are in this situation and with such a stance.


In view of these facts directly revealed by the Most High, one is advised very strongly, in the honesty and humbleness of one's heart to ask the Lord God Jesus Christ, who is the Most High, for wisdom, guidance, intuition and proper perception in order to be able to recognize, to detect, to distinguish and to separate those who come truly from God, the Most High, who are the direct revelators of the different aspects and levels of truth and its good, and those who are teachers and disseminators of the grains of truth in the distorted mode, from those who are truly false prophets, Antichrists and pseudo-leaders who, very often, use religion and spirituality to destroy or pervert the real truth and its good from the Most High. Sometimes this is not easy because false prophets and their followers are sweet talkers and promisors who are masters of deception and masters in exciting in people affections which are pleasurable and delightful for everyday life and which frequently sound Godly and truthful and are substantiated by all kinds of living examples and events (such as fulfillment of certain literal prophecies as recorded in the Bible or by performance of various so-called miraculous works).


If one approaches the Most High directly from one's heart and mind, in the honesty and modesty of one's heart, with good intentions and positive motivation to serve all, to be truly spiritual and to live a life which would bring one out of the Zone of Displacement, one most certainly will not be misled or misguided regardless of the level, degree, step of spiritual awareness or the place, dimension or region of the Zone of Displacement one is in at the time. When the time is right and one fulfills one's purpose in being in this Zone, one will be brought back to the true reality of the Most High's Creation, if one so chooses, where one will be given continuous opportunity for eternal spiritual progression and performance of use for the mutual benefit, common good and sharing with all in the Most High's Creation.”





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