The course of sessions is as follows:

1. Two hours long exposition on all fundamental topics:

2. Break of ca. half an hour up to one hour long duration for the purpose of establishing contacts and exchanging knowledge with people.

3. Meditation for planet Earth and another creatures radiating and emitting love (as long as there are favorable vibrational conditions at the session - created by people themselves but also by the place - absolutely inappropriate are near cemeteries).

4. Further exposition on above-stated topics.

5. Questions related to these topics.

All sessions take place on the basis of request of people themselves, not by my request. Organizer participates to a great extent on and is liable for the organization. This is reflected in the number of interested persons (a number of leaflets - at least 200 of them, invitations placed in newspaper (cultural sections), broadcasted by radio and TV, providing for appropriate session room - better with windows and not close to cemeteries and pubs - the coarse vibrations).

During sessions, Cosmic people are there with us in their mental bodies and they are helping people in overall spiritual growth. These sessions are a powerful impetus for people to think of, reflect upon and ponder on themselves and the very society and an impulse for  the spiritual work. They have healing nature, for people change their thinking for the better and so they prevent diseases.

The sessions are always with voluntary admission fee except for ca. 5 actions which were organized by culture houses themselves.

The session places are culture houses and centres, libraries, restaurants, elementary schools, high schools and universities and their dormitories, canteens, refectories.

Click here for a more complete and detailed digest of information from Ivo A. Benda's lectures.